About Me

When I was a child, I dreamed of being an expert at something. Anything. Now that I'm grown, I've had to reconciled myself to my identity as a dabbler.

The silver lining, however, is that I get to be a perpetual student! There are always new cities to visit, sandwiches to create, music to enjoy and gardens to plant.

This blog is about my many interests and my desire to live well, clean, green, informed, thoroughly entertained and always enchanted by the little things.

A few of my favorite things in which to dabble are DIY home projects on a budget, bento boxes (Japanese lunch boxes... food meets art!) and learning about how technology connects people and societies. Otherwise, I'm probably reading, cooking, gardening, sewing, upcycling, learning something new like more HTML or embarrassing myself by hauling away somebody's cast off furniture for restoration in my massive Buick, Big Delores.

Please let me know you were here by leaving comments! I appreciate every single one!

People/Places in My Life:

  • Crazy Cora - my younger sister and room mate
  • Cindy Lou Who - another younger sister and room mate
  • Patty's Place - our drafty little rental house near downtown