Time to Be Bold... Or Safe?

I have a deeper question for the blogsphere.

To offer some personal stats on myself, I'm 26 years old and unmarried. I'm debt free though savings-poor and driving a car that threatens to demand expensive repairs and/or early retirement. I have been in my in-between job for just over 2 years and am not entirely sure what to do about it. There's the picture, here's my question:

For those of us who graduated from well respected universities and colleges at the beginning of this recession, should we stick with our current jobs that pay the bills or should we branch out boldly, chasing our dreams with companies that may fold, fire us in the sweet name of 'downsizing' or offer lousy benefit packages because of a lousy economy?

In short, I am afraid to leave my current job for a future and hypothetical job because things are uncertain. I may be bored silly at my current job some days, but at least I know where I stand. I know my skills are valued even if I don't find my tasks especially challenging. It's a classic question of stepping into the unknown or playing it safe for a season.

I came into the work force at a scary time... though there have been scary times before me and I know there will be more to come. So is this just a season to play it safe? Or is it time to be bold?


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