Stress Relief Bento

I got a pretty stressed out call from my best friend last week. I can't blame her for wanting to yank out her hair out by the fistful... she's a full time student finishing her masters, a full time mom and full time planning her wedding. Any one of those could at different times warrant a massive breakdown that leaves you in a pile of soggy tissues and empty candy wrappers. She wasn't quite that bad, but I did immediately begin trying to think of some way to be helpful.

As usual, I turned to food. It seemed far more reasonable than going all Edward Cullen on her and standing over her to make sure she sleeps. (someday I will treat you all to my full anti-Twilight rant... but today is not that day) And there's not a darn thing I can help her with relating to her class work, not if I want to help her pass. BUT, she loves Japanese food perhaps even more than I do, so making her a bento was a no-brainer. And I swear, one day soon I'll get a real camera.

Grapes - Avocado - sliced cucumber -
baby carrots - onigiri

Potentially Not Obvious How To Elements:

  • Onigiri (rice balls): The method I used is from Just Bento, but I didn't put any filling in them. I wasn't sure how long she'd have to carry it around in her backpack, so I figured just rice was good. I decorated them with seaweed and black sesame seeds.
  • Avocado: Sprinkled with lemon juice and a tiny bit of salt and wrapped it in plastic wrap to keep it from going brown too fast.


  1. This is the cutest and kindest thing ever! I love it!
    Also... I loved your comment about thinking of me when you dropped $80 at BR. Which, for the record, has happened to me too:) Do you mind if I quote that in a future post? I wanna use it to start the convo about value etc?

  2. I'd be flattered! I have to admit I got very excited when I saw your comment... I've been faithfully reading your blog for two years. :) Thanks for dropping by!!