Preparing For The End of The World - 12.21.12

Because being prepared for anything never hurts, I've put together a Pinterest board for you entitled Survival Gear with some of what I consider to be essential skills in a post-apocalyptic (or just post-EMP attack) America. The planets are about to line up and the Mayan calendar is running out... who knows what will happen??

If the sun is sheered in half by gravitational forces and we all go up in a fireball, I won't be offended if you don't bother to check out the board, but I did go to some trouble to help you prepare, so read up now before the power grid goes dead. See you in the Rockies!

Board Preview:

  • Food/non food items to stockpile
  • Building shelter
  • Medicinal plants and trees
  • Knots to know
  • Fire starting
  • Water gathering/purification
  • Emergency kits
  • DIY survival gear
  • Staying warm and dry


  1. EMP weapons are a reality. Every weapon humans make gets used at some point in time. This is the event to prep for. To not do so? Well, You will probably be dead in a few weeks I suppose.