Ryobi: Say Hello to My Little Friends

As my Twitter bio says, I have WAY too many interests. Most of the time, I have to settle for admiring my interests from afar. World travel and high-end amateur astronomy, for example, are just too pricey for me to really get into. HOWEVER, I have discovered to my delight that my interest in wood working is not as far out of my reach as I once thought. Some of the tools needed to begin can be super affordable and even a few of the basic power tools don't have to break the bank. Check out Pretty Handy Girl's Toolbox for an excellent overview.

I've had my hand tools for awhile, I've been very fond of my hand-me-down power drill and my recent power sander is simply lovely... but seriously, I'm so stinkin' excited for these guys:

Did I just do glamour shots of a circular saw and a jigsaw? Why yes I did. :) Oh, and because I grouch about my lousy camera phone so much, can we just observe the beauty of what I can do when I sneak borrow with every intention of returning my sister's nice camera? But back to the topic at hand... we have here: Ryobi 7 1/4" Laser Circular Saw, reconditioned, $25Ryobi VS Orbital Jigsaw with Laser, reconditioned, $31Needless to say, I'm rather pleased. See? Good tools don't HAVE to be outrageous! I'll probably upgrade the circular saw blade and I need to purchase blades for the other as well, but really that's still an awesome price for both. Moral of the story: manufacturer's reconditioned tool sales = win.THE LAUNDRY ROOM MAY NOW COMMENCE!!


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