Bento: Gentle on a Sick Tummy

I find it delightfully ironic when dreadful things push me back to things I love. I admit I have recently gotten lazy and irresponsible in my eating habits. Why I thought I could keep that up without violent retaliation from Herman (my hiatal hernia) I'm not sure, but this past Sunday, I spent several hours... being rather ill, shall we say. Monday was a sick day spent in bed trying to placate the angry stomach gods with offerings of Gatorade and chocolate pudding and promises of renewed devotion. Today is back to work with this bento in hand:

Bear in mind this is my "I haven't had solid foods in 48 hours" bento. Fluffy and lightly salt and peppered scrambled eggs, a mini cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese and a helping of chocolate pudding. A lot of food for a weak stomach you say? Hardly. This is probably all I will eat today.

How do you like the bento box itself? I love it... a Christmas gift from my mommy! My first real bento box. :) The silicone baking cup is from a set from one of my sisters, also a Christmas gift. If you want a closer look, check it out on The Shiksa Market.

2 Tiered Bento Box, Wood grain and Sakura (Cherry) Blossoms


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