Steep and Cheap

Steep and Cheap App
Over Christmas, my little brother introduced me to Steep and Cheap. If you like, use or want outdoor gear of any kind and enjoy an ODAT site (One Deal At a Time), you'll love this one. I just watched a $300 women's snowboarding jacket reduced to $20 sell out before my brain caught up with my need to own one. (literal need... I don't have an outdoor coat... remember the budget, people!) On the other hand, folks seem to be giving due consideration before snatching these knee high SmartWool socks priced at $13.

The Steep and Cheap site designers have done an excellent job delivering a clean interface and I admit to downloading the Google Chrome extension as well. Very clever, SAC, very clever. Between that and my app, I'm pretty well plugged in and prepared to snag the next reasonable women's small 60 liter backpacking pack I see!


  1. You should check out CleanSnipe. It tracks Steep & Cheap, Chainlove, Whiskey Militia + more in 1 place:

  2. Thanks for the tip! I had been using but I think I like CleanSnipe better! Good call