Southern Grammar #2

I think this will have to be a randomly reoccurring post series, as long as nobody gets their feelings hurt. I enjoy words and languages and yes, I'm not Southern so the quirks amuse me. And the ladies at work are just are cute!

We'll call it "Southern Grammar", which ironically calls to mind Nelly's "Country Grammar" and thereby tips the hat to my home town of St. Louis, Missouri... anyway... :) We'll consider this Southern Grammar #2 since the post entitled A Conversation Regarding Christmas Cookies and Southern Grammar was technically the first. Enjoy!

Coworker 1: "Are you going to resend that paperwork I asked you about?"
Coworker 2: "I done did it."
Coworker 1: "You what?"
Coworker 2: "I done did it so's I wouldn't forgit it... hey that rhymes!"


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