The Great Laundry Room Overhaul: Part 2

After weeks of alternating between biting cold and driving rains, I finally decided I didn't care that I couldn't take my shelf project out into the driveway. I may not have an indoor work space, doggonit, but I was going to build this sucker!! So I did the thing my mother would never have let me do - I pointed my drill toward my hardwood floors and prayed my hand didn't slip. I blame the inexcusable irony of my unbuilt shelf creating further clutter in my laundry room for my madness. Though I would never recommend this exactly, my living room rug turned out to be quite useful as a grid.

The starting point for my design was More Like Home's Homestead Storage Shelves. I altered it to fit my need for clothes hanging space and to fit storage tubs under the bottom shelf. I also cut the cost of a single 2x4 by leaving spaces between the boards of the shelves. And I learned the difference between buying 2x4s at Lowes (where I should have gone) and Home Depot (where the lengths are actually cut for framing and therefore not actually 8 feet long). That would have been good to know in advance.

Since this is essentially my first building project ever, I had no illusions it was going to be perfect. This shelf, though much needed, is my guinea pig. Over all I'm pleased with it, though the 2x4s themselves are definitely a little rough. I will have to wait for the weather to behave itself to sand it down and paint it! Before I paint, however, I still have to add the clothes hanging rod. My original plan had been to attach it to the extra shelf supports I added, but I'm beginning to wonder if I shouldn't be higher. Slowly but surely, we're making progress!


  1. This turned out great! I love have you customized it to fit your space & needs too. What a fantastic first project! I'm excited to see this room finished. ;)

  2. Thanks a bunch for the encouragement! Hopefully the next post will be a painted sanded finished project. :)

  3. Both Lowes's and HD sell the 92 5/8 inch (stud length) and 96 inch length 2x4. Most lumber yards (every one that I have been to) stock both. Sorry you had to learn that lesson in that fashion. Take a tape measure, double check and ask if need be. I did the shelf more or less per plans for the overall dimension but used 1x4 for the shelves and 2x2 for the supports. I like your idea of the clothes hanging rod...