Soy Sauce Ice Packs

Just a quicky post for you all today! I started looking around for ideas on small ice packs to keep parts of my bento chilled (such as my lovely mandarin oranges) without putting the whole thing in the fridge at work. I don't know why but chilled chex mix is weird to me.

I came across the idea of freezing small condiment packets, such as the abundant soy sauces I get every time I order take out. I find this brilliant! And not a bad upcycle either since I wasn't really planning on using all those hot mustards anyway.

I'll be dipping in to the massive stash in our break room that people only add to and never take from (literally, it's an entire drawer of soy sauce packets) and put ten or so in my freezer at home. Small, simple, reusable. Done.


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