3 Lessons from the Wedding Day - by the Maid of Honor

The wedding is done, my best friend is a MARRIED WOMAN! Ridiculous. Amazing. Hilarious. I hope it sinks in soon, I haven't been able to make myself change her name in my contacts list yet. Who cares about the marriage license and her social security card and passport?? It's not official until the best friend changes the name in the phone!

To wrap up my blogging on this fantastic wedding, I wanted to share with you three things I learned from the wedding day:

#1 The Couple's Attitude Makes the Party - We've probably all been to weddings where the groom is basically dragging his bride out the door or the bride is so detail obsessed and overwhelmed that her plastic Barbie smile is downright painful. My friends demonstrated that if the couple are having fun mingling, dancing, eating, drinking and enjoying the attention without feeling the pressure of a dozen traditional moments for the sake of a dozen traditional moments, EVERYBODY HAS FUN.

#2 Parents Have Power, Especially Moms - What is scarier than a mother on a rampage protecting its young? Nothing. Not even a dental hygienist with a drill and a grudge. Moms and Dads of the couple, use your power for good, not evil. I was with the bride's mom most of the day and she was the best. Calm and having fun with a big smile the whole day! That's how it's done.

#3 A Snafu is the Better Story - So relax. We had to stuff the bride (in her gown) into a child-sized bathroom stall. The wedding party's bus got stuck behind an accident for 20 minutes on our way to the reception. One of the little kids made loud awkward noises and gestures all throughout my toast (I'm very excited for the future blackmail material though). Unfortunate in the moment... best stories of the night!! Enjoy it all.

The gorgeous bride and her not-so-little boy


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