Altoids Survival Tin - Update!

I have so many good posts to share... but all the pictures are on someone else's camera!! Lesson learned. However, I don't need pictures to update you on my recent use of my Altoids Survival Tin.

I think I had it in my head that I could only use it in survival situations, as though I'd 'break the seal' and something would suddenly become perishable and I wouldn't have it if I really needed it later. For example, I took it on a ski trip a month ago and after a day of royally thrashing myself on the slopes I was very sore and wishing I had some Advil. Only after I got home did I remember I had four in my pocket the whole time... *face palm*. In that moment I decided to shift my attitude and use this thing practically! Fortunately, I got another chance with this past weekend's ski trip.

Altoids Survival Tin Uses:

  • Advil - I'm new to this skiing game, so yes, I hurt myself. But this time, I only have two golf ball sized bruises, not five softball sized ones like last time. Improvement!
  • Nylon cord - I sort of missed the fact that I was supposed to keep that piece of twine the rental place used to tie my boots together. But fortunately, I had a length of cord off the tin. In that awkward juggling moment when my hands were freezing and I was smacking people with my poles, this was a major win!
  • Safety pins - The buckles on my brother's ski bib broke. Need I say more?
The moral of the story is these things are HANDY, but you don't need to wait for your plane to crash or a landslide to trap you on the side of a mountain to tap into its usefulness. Just don't forget to restock that Advil! There are more mountains to fall down.


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