#BlogHug Time!

In the world of blogging, I'm a veteran reader and a newbie writer. ROR came into being in 2010 with fourteen disjointed posts, mostly about my love of fall and some thoughts about the transition period my life was in (moving back from New Jersey to be near my family, new job, discovering the brilliant Charlie McDonnell). But through it all, I was reading and enjoying a whole mess of blogs.

Holly Becker of decor8 has prompted me with her hashtag party #bloghug to recognize and thank all you bloggers out there that have made me laugh, cook, create, save, shop and think over the past few years. Here's a shout out to three of my all time favorite bloggers!

Jentine @ myedit.
This girl is sassy, fun, sincere and chic. Jentine, yours was the first blog I ever subscribed to and you have been my inspiration to keep writing. I live in entirely the wrong city to thift awesome pieces so instead I just enjoy yours. Thanks a million girl, YOU'RE THE BEST!

You taught me how to cook fish. You feed my sandwich obsession with relentless courage and creativity. Your Artichoke Bread strengthened my friendship with the sister of a special someone in my life (see Mountain Man...). Need I say more? You're the BOSS!!

Georgia @ More Like Home
You're the most recent addition to my list of blogs I'm very faithful to, but my late arrival may be because I finally own a circular saw. I love your attitude, your beautiful young family and the idea of shopping yard sales with you! I have a massive car we could haul fun stuff in. THANK YOU for all the inspiration!

I literally took that picture for this post, just so you know... I had great plans for writing in the snow but that yielded less than fabulous results. Say hello to the Mountain Man everybody, it's his first appearance! And yes, I love my hat.

Who do you read faithfully? I love discovering new blogs!


  1. Aww, thanks so much for the bloghug! What a fun idea! :D

  2. You betcha! I've been wanting to do a blog love post for awhile, and decor8 gave me the perfect excuse.