"Are You Over-Committed Again?"

Dear blogging friends, despite popular belief, I did not freeze to death on that last backpacking trip. Nor did I fall into an open manhole, get eaten by the mess in my room or sink into a Downton Abbey-induced coma. I simply got busy. (In the literal sense, not the colloquial... anyway...)

In the last two months, I've started job hunting. I've decided it is not the time to be safe but rather the time to kick myself out of the nest of my current position and pursue my real interests. On top of that, I've started moonlighting an internship with a tech marketing firm in the hopes of learning more about marketing strategy and growing my writing portfolio. All very time consuming!

Last month I also started fencing again (I was on the club team in college). Yes, that's right, +2 nerd factor! On top of that, I dance twice a week, Bible study on Wednesdays, Friday is Friday and the weekends are yard work, house work, adventure trips and family. Hence a good friend asking me last night, "Are you over-committed again?".

Do any of you have this same tendency? There are just so many things that I love doing and not nearly enough hours in the day or days in the week for me to fit them all in! And I miss blogging. I want to come back here and read all your great stuff, comment like a fiend and get up from my computer inspired. Trouble is inspired often leads to more stuff. How do you keep yourself from over-committing? What are the tools you use to keep it all straight?

Are You Over-Committing Again? - ROR


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